Advanced Dev Container Configuration for TypeScript

How to improve the developer experience for better quality and productivity

Manfred Lange
11 min readSep 11, 2022


Example Directory Structure for TypeScript Dev Container


In previous posts here and here, I described how to create a dev container for TypeScript development with VS Code. In this article I am goint to revisit the topic and share the insights I have gained since the publications of those two posts.

The new insights are not invented by me. I don’t take credit for them. They are the result of my learning with and from other people, most of them people who I work with daily. All credit should go to those amazing people. They provide the fertile collaboration necessarily for faster and more profound learning.

In this article I will cover the following topics:

  • Using specific versions to reduce variability
  • Directory structure in a dev container for TypeScript
  • Improve container port mapping
  • Improve VS Code settings for working with containers
  • Improve git client behavior when using trunk-based development
  • A couple of VS Code settings for working with TypeScript
  • Multi-stage Dockerfile for creating container images for deployment

While some of these may be trivial and you may already be using similar techniques, I hope as a reader of this article you still find a “gold nugget” or two that help you in your daily work as a developer.

You can find the newest version of the code for this article as a public template at The repo may have a new version already.

Using Specific Versions to Reduce Variability

While it may not be such a big deal in dev containers, it still pays to be specific about which versions of a tool or library you want to use.

For example, a dev container always starts with a based image. In the case of a dev container for TypeScript, we use a base image with node.js pre-installed such as:

FROM node:18



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