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  • Sustainableworldnow


    I have spent years educating myself about one of the world’s most important topics: the environment. Here I help people take steps towards living more sustainly

  • Nhut Nguyen

    Nhut Nguyen

    An amateur writer. A constant learner. A Vietnamese man working and living in Denmark. A young father of two. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ntnhut/

  • Jay Chadwick Rugby 🇬🇧

    Jay Chadwick Rugby 🇬🇧

    Thank you for viewing my profile. If you would like to find out more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. Best regards, Jay Chadwick

  • Thomas


  • Ella Wats

    Ella Wats

    I write about the end of humanity. Canadian. Writer. Believer.

  • Aydın AYDIN

    Aydın AYDIN

    I am an author📝 Futurist 🚀 Chief Marketing Officer🌍 Thinker 👨‍💻 Blockchain 🔗

  • Emmanuel Ahagbuje

    Emmanuel Ahagbuje

    What are you staring @?...Yeah YOU!!!...Click that button and follow me!... #java #jvm

  • Yuri Rodriguez

    Yuri Rodriguez

    Attorney, overeducated, divorced, a lover and a fighter. Fairly woke and open minded. Reading... for the time being.

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